Child & Adolescent Therapy

Children are seen and worked with within the context of their family. Children are sometimes seen with a parent(s) in the room in order to help the child feel comfortable and to be able to provide feedback from parents during the session.  If the child’s parents are divorced, I will not see the child unless both parents give permissionWhen working with younger children, I most often use a behavioral approach as well as spend time working with parents on developing and implementing behavior management plans.

Parenting consultation is offered to develop and support more creative ways to address parenting challenges and understanding an individual child’s emotional, behavioral, and educational development. Additional objectives of parenting consultation and support can include:

  • Helping parents gain insight into their own parenting style and how it developed within their family of origin, and how this influences their current parenting choices.
  •  Developing a family plan to utilize techniques that work or have worked in the past coupled with new approaches to changing the family dynamic in a more positive way.
  • Helping parents achieve a healthier relationship with their children.